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  • What should I wear?

    Grand Palace
    Men must wear long trousers that cover the ankles and a shirt with sleeves Women must also be dressed modestly- no see through,shorts or tights as an outer garment. Tops must cover your shoulders. Again if long trousers are worn they must cover ankles
    Proper footwear must be worn- no flip flops for example.

    Tiger Temple
    This again is a working Temple and Ladies are required to cover their shoulders and knees.
    Avoid bright strong colours as these can excite the Tigers.
    Avoid wearing jewelry and strong perfume as this will attract Tigers attention.

    Elephants skin and hair is quite coarse - I recommend that you cover your legs .

  • Can I Smoke?

    Like many countries Thailand has some strict laws concerning smoking. This means it is only permitted outside and in designated areas. Our transport is smoke free but if the journey is to exceed 2 hours then a short stop can be agreed with the driver. An exception is the VIP Tiger Temple Tour- which due to early start our driver must focus on arriving in time.
  • What Language is spoken?

    I or any of my guide colleagues speak Thai and English. Please remember this is not our first language but I am confident that with a little patience from us all that there will not be any problems. Drivers usually only speak Thai
  • Is a Deposit for tours required?

    Deposit- yes I will request a deposit from you. This is because sadly in the past I have been let down by no shows leaving me with all the costs to pay. I will advise you of the deposit value at the time of booking and then request this be made via Paypal. Once I receive the deposit I will let you know what was cleared to my Bank after the modest banking charges.
  • How do I pay you?

    I request that full payment be made in Thai Currency at the time of pick up, I am afraid that card payment cannot be accepted.
  • Are there charges for Cancellation?

    If cancelled by e mail greater than 25 days before the agreed tour date then full deposit refund will be made. The payment will be made in Thai Baht and be the amount I received after Local PayPal Deductions. If you made you deposit via any other method then the days and % scale remains as above and refunds will be the amount I received after any charges. If cancelled by e mail 20-25 days before the agreed tour date then deposit refund will be 15% refunded. The payment will be made in Thai Baht and be the amount I received after Local PayPal charges. If cancelled by e mail 20 days or less before the agreed tour date then I regret that I am unable to make any refund.
  • What will the food be?

    This will usually be a buffet style meal, if you have any special dietary needs do please let me know.